We invest in companies in women-led markets where female usage, decision-making, and purchasing are crucial to company growth. We back founders of any gender.

Why We Do It

Over the long haul, the best opportunities are those that are both good and unloved - but which the market will come to appreciate over time. It can be difficult to identify these opportunities and even harder to back them, because consensus opinion provides no cover for bold investors. But we believe that the only way to earn attractive returns is to back that sort of company: everything else tends to be overpriced. We also believe that there's social utility in supporting good companies that can't attract conventional interest. Over the past fifteen years, the best sector for VC has been consumer-facing companies. While many dismiss the consumer segment as played out, we believe large opportunities remain. One important reason is that the largest consumer segment — women — has been an afterthought for many companies. We believe that companies deliberately targeting the female market will be better positioned to capture this consumer "dark matter" than companies acquiring female customers haphazardly.

What We Will Do For You

Rivet has a diverse team, with experience ranging from founding and running companies to venture investing in personal and institutional settings. We also have an extraordinary LP base that we often leverage to help portfolio companies. Having been on both sides of the deal, we can help entrepreneurs structure future financings, optimize user interface design, tackle hiring, pursue business development deals, and anything in between. But most importantly, we will listen to your ideas carefully and hopefully provide you with an audience and capital that most of Sand Hill Road can't offer.